The LMK4 project is the continuation of last year's MK3 race bike. Using a powerful hub motor with a rugged box frame, which houses the battery internally, it's predecessor was a capable bike that was competitive at the last Lost Sierra Festival. With modifications and improvements we look to win the open throttle control class race next year. The main objectives of this build are:

  • Battery design
  • Suspension upgrades and setup
  • Drivetrain optimization
  • Motor power maximization
  • Custom brake caliper mount design
  • Carbon fibre side panels

Thunder Sky 1

The Thunder Sky 1 is an electric mountain bike we are building to compete in the Lost Sierra Festival in July 2020. With this project, the team plans to compete in a new category (the pedal-assist class) at Los Sierra. It will be designed from scratch, with the team specifying components that optimize performance and integrating systems for compatibility. With this particular build, we aim to explore the mid-drive motor set-up, which we will compare to a benchmark set by our previous build. The main objectives of this build are:

  • Designing and building of a custom lithium-ion battery.
  • Create a full 3D model of bike using SolidWorks.
  • Designing and implementing data acquisition system to measure bike performance.